OKINAWAN SHOHEI-RYU KARATE - 24 North Washington Street - North Attleboro, MA - (508) 695-1223
Dojo Lineage, Sensei, and Senior Ranks
Grand Master Kanbun Uechi
Grandmaster Kanbun Uechi

Founder of Uechi Ryu, 1877 - 1948

Kanbun Uechi studied the art of Pangainoon in Fukien, China. Upon returning to Okinawa, Japan, he developed the Uechi Ryu katas. His son, Kanei, continued his father's legacy and in 1995, the style's name was changed to Shohei Ryu, which means "to shine brightly" and secondly, "fairness, equality and peace."

To this day, the dojo maintains a close relationship with the Okinawa Karate do Association headquartered in Okinawa, Japan.

Master Kanei Uechi Master Nakahodo 10th Dan Master Takara 10th Dan
Master Kanei Uechi
10th Dan
Master Nakahodo
10th Dan
Master Takara
10th Dan
Shihan Edward DeCosta - Kyudan Hanshi (9th Dan)
Shihan Ed DeCosta

Ed opened his dojo in April of 1974 in downtown North Attleboro, the first karate school in the area. In the 39 years in downtown North Attleboro, he has taught hundreds of students, both children and adults, the defensive style of Shohei-Ryu. His rank is Shihan (master instructor) and 9th Dan black belt in the Okikukai Association. During one of his trips to Okinawa, both he and his wife Jean, were personally awarded Intensive Training Certificates by Master Kanei Uechi.

He teaches all classes in his school and is assisted by his wife and other high ranking black belts; many who have been with him for 30 years or more.

Both he and Jean are both active in the community, performing for community events, schools, libraries, churches, scouting organizations and women's groups, and frequently hold seminars and specialized workouts.

Through the years he has taught students with behavioral problems, handicapped children and adults, dyslexic children, children with ADDS (Attention Deficit Disorder Syndrome), the visibility impaired, children with Downes Syndrome and others. Children are especially welcome at the school and parents have commented on the difference karate can make for their children.

Sensei Jean DeCosta - Hachidan Kyoshi (8th Dan)
Jean DeCosta

Jean has practiced karate for over 35 years and co-teaches the Juniors and Tiny Tigers classes.

She has trained in Okinawa and was the first woman in the United States to achieve 8th dan in the Shohei Ryu/Uechi Ryu style.

In 1986, Ed and Jean visited Okinawa and received an Intensive Training Certificate from the late Master Kanei Uechi.

Jean DeCosta on becoming 8th dan - "Getting her kicks" - The Sun Chronicle
Sensei Phillip DeCosta - Rokudan Renshi (6th Dan)
Phillip DeCosta

Phillip (Ed and Jean's son) has practiced karate since he was a boy.

He teaches the Wednesday night Tiny Tigers class and is a firefighter with the Attleboro Fire Department.

In 2003, Phillip visited Okinawa for the first time and was tested by the Okinawan Masters for his 5th Dan black belt.

Mike Maitland
Hachidan - 8th Dan
Nanadan Mike
Carl Quilitzsch
Hachidan - 8th Dan
Nanadan Carl
Mike Kostyshak
Nanadan - 7th Dan
Nanadan Mike
Richard Fischer
Nanadan - 7th Dan
Nanadan Richard
Richard Larocque
Nanadan - 7th Dan
Nanadan Richard
Doug Iavarone
Nanadan - 7th Dan
Nanadan Doug
Mike Bacon
Rokudan - 6th Dan
Godan Mike
Bill Antonitis
Rokudan - 6th Dan
Godan Bill
Dominic Cimino
Rokudan - 6th Dan
Godan Dominic
Katie Hawes
Rokudan - 6th Dan
Godan Katie
Joe Bentley
Rokudan - 6th Dan
Rokudan Joe
Gary Smalley
Godan - 5th Dan
Godan Joe
Ed and Jean DeCosta Jean DeCosta - Okinawa
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